What is Spoon-feeding?

Apr 30, 2020 FAQ, TeP Education

The difficulty is the point. Without it, you will never learn how/where/when/who/what to do on your own without someone directing you.


  • Is the process of ‘telling’ students what they need to know.
  • Has been the dominant educational paradigm in schools since the invention of the assembly line and is still prevalent today.
  • This occurs in teacher-directed settings.
  • (Arguably) ONLY occurs in teacher-directed settings.
  • Results in students thinking very little about what or how they are learning.
  • Seems to be driven, in part, by an over-reliance on traditional and standards-based testing (“OK students, listen up, I’m going to tell you what you’ll need to know for the upcoming test.”)
  • Is kept in place by a societal belief that ‘this is the way education happens.’
  • Tends to create ‘learned helplessness’, a condition resulting in students becoming reliant on the spoon-feeding.
  • Results in ‘lazy’ students who take little responsibility for their own learning – students who lose handouts on a regular basis, who appear engaged ONLY when gaining the teacher’s undivided attention.
  • It creates a dynamic where the teacher invests considerably greater effort into the learning process than his/her students yet with disappointingly poor outcomes.

Now, here in TEP (Team eToro Pilipinas, we can’t use it on our site because it is forbidden by eToro) WE don’t LIKE AND SUPPORT SPOON-FEEDING. Why? You have the top reasons above. In short, WE ARE TRYING TO HELP YOU!

Now, if you don’t get that. Don’t worry, in time you will. But know this, that we tried to HELP YOU EARLY ON.

Not a single successful trader is dependent on spoon-fed steps and information. He/she might get some wins but will generally FAIL in his/her trading journey because he/she failed to learn this very basic and critical requirement to be a trader and successful in life.

Source: https://www.learnimplementshare.com/stop-spoon-feeding-students.html

By Jed

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