What Charting Software do you use?

Apr 25, 2020 FAQ, TeP Education

Source: Google

Disclaimer: We do not suggest or advise which Charting Software you need to use.

Here in Team eToro Pilipinas, We don’t promote any Charting Software.

It will narrow down on the Individial Traders preferences. We have plenty in the internet from FREE to Paid Plan.

Some of the TEP Members are using eToro ProCharts, Tradingview, Investing.com Chart and etc..

eToro ProCharts Sample: (Source: Google)

Tradingview Chart Sample: (Source: Google)

Investing Chart Sample: (Source: Google)

Here are some glimpse review from Liberated 2020.

Link: https://www.liberatedstocktrader.com/top-10-best-free-stock-charting-tools/

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