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Why we don’t tolerate Spoon-Feeding?

I have been campaigning HARD against spoon-feeding in our community since we started 2 years ago and even in my inner circle of friends.

I know it is hard because I know from experience it is a struggle since we were so used to it since childhood.

We were spoon-fed at home, at school and now at work!

Sharing this testimonial from one of our members, because I am very happy to hear feedback from our community! May it be good or bad.

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What is Spoon-feeding?

The difficulty is the point. Without it, you will never learn how/where/when/who/what to do on your own without someone directing you.


  • Is the process of ‘telling’ students what they need to know.
  • Has been the dominant educational paradigm in schools since the invention of the assembly line and is still prevalent today.
  • This occurs in teacher-directed settings.
  • (Arguably) ONLY occurs in teacher-directed settings.
  • Results in students thinking very little about what or how they are learning.
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