GTP’s Free Mentorship Program

GTP (Global Traders Pilipinas) started way back in June 2019 and we have seen amazing growth for both our member count and overall trading skills. However, we still lack the understanding of trading, consistency, and risk management that are all critical to being consistently profitable in trading. To push and improve all of the above, we came up with the official GTP Mentorship program. All levels are welcome to join – from newbie to veteran traders.




  1. A Standard (account type) XM account (if you already have an account opened using our link, then skip this step. Make sure you ask Jed to verify your account) using the registration link either for Low Risk and Consistent Returns or High Risk and High Returns investment. We will primarily use this account in this Mentorship Program.

    If you already have an account and you didn’t use our registration link, please message Jed in Discord and request to move it.

  2. Actively trading in your account. Automated Trading is OK too.
  3. Active in Discord classrooms.
  4. Register your username (MT4/Mt5 ID numbers) using the form below.
  5. Register here on our website for our exclusive content access and PM Jed your XM ID and username and email address for verification, access updates, and for the next steps. Discord:


Trading Journey Goals

1. A better understanding 

This could take from at least 6 months to 12 months. Depending on your learning curve. We will assess as we progress. This basically covers the tools we use, how to interpret data, read trends and signals, and basic fundamental analysis.

2. Consistency

This will take at least 12 months to years (not a joke, if you are serious, trading is profitable). Coming up with a working Strategy or System based on your trading profile (personality, financial status, biases, etc) will take a while, and mastering it to be consistent will even take more time (years).

3. Risk Management

This will take years of practice together with #2. If you are serious about being a trader, may it be a Day Trader or Position Trader – Managing risk will be the hardest part of the journey. So we will take our time to practice this together as no one is perfect in being consistently following their own rules. Constant reminders and discipline will be extremely important.


What more do you get from our Mentorship Program?

  1. Frequent market picks with Analysis (Fundamental and Technical) posted in our Discord channels.
  2. Webinar Access that includes training materials, tips, and tricks.
  3. Exclusive Mentorship from our Mentors and Contributors. Ask away and get your answer directly from our traders on our Official Discord chat and voice server!
  4. Free limited GTP and Partner merchandise (eToro or XM), like Shirts, Pens, Chargers, and Caps.

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