fjvill – Popular Investor Update

May 6, 2020 TeP Education, Trading

fjvill – Popular Investor Update

Dear Investors,

April 2020 was a good month for us. I decided to switch to mid and long-term strategy due to the Pandemic signals that I was getting across different sectors. Going bullish on the 5 major fronts that were affected by the Pandemic – COVID19.

And I am happy I did. We closed with 100% profitability. Our positions on the Tech ( $MSFT , $NFLX , $AMZN, $GOOG, $FB, $NVDA and $AMD ), Foods and Retail ( $KHC , HD, and AMNZ), Banking ( $BAC , AXP, GS, and JPM), Motors/Consumer Durables ( $TSLA and GM) and the Transpo/Airlines ( DAL).

While some of our Copiers are yet to recover the losses we had last March 2020, I am confident that we are on track on recovering all of it (AND MORE) this coming May 2020, except to those who left and jumped out of the wagon.

Take care of yourself and your family.

Let’s have another good month for May 2020!



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