FAQ of the week: Jed Villardo, anong bank gamit mo for eToro? Mabilis ba transactions?

Jan 23, 2021 FAQ, TeP Education
Answer: Ito recommend ko, get a Unionbank account. Use my referral code for faster processing: UBNOW-FV1400652
It is very easy to open an account using their app, you don’t even need to go to the bank, lahat online!

Ang debit cards nila, WORKs online and internationally, no need to do anything after its activated. It works PERFECTLY with eToro, mapa-local online banking or Debit card deposits. WITHDRWALS ARE FAST TOO!
I know, because I personally use Unionbank on all my ONLINE TRANSACTIONS, which includes eToro and my business. You should notice sa Promo and event transfer na shared natin sa group, they’re all/most of them are using Unionbank.
All the other major banks ARE SO BEHIND and I don’t know WHY they are still lagging considering the technology is easy to implement.
If you ask me — eh, ibang bank gamit sa payroll ko? THEN TRANSFER IT.
Another awesome feature is you get a Relationship Manager!

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