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Dentsply Sirona Inc.XRAY

Dentsply Sirona is well positioned to capitalize on several growth
vectors in the dental industry. First, there’s the international and
emerging market opportunity as modern dental health becomes a
standard in overseas and especially developing markets. Second is the
greater integration of digital technologies in the dental practice, from
X-rays to 3-D and CAD/CAM automation of lab work such as crowns to
the management of patient records; the company is well positioned to
cross-sell all parts of this operational food chain. Third is the increased
presence of single-visit outcomes, where a crown can be mapped,
created, and installed in one day using the CEREC technologies.
Fourth is the stream of licensee revenue other distributors bring in for
deploying Dentsply technologies like CEREC. (As an example,
Patterson also offered CEREC as a licensee.)
Of course, these geography- and technology-related growth vectors
are additional to the growth already slated for the industry coming in
the form of an aging population, greater and longer retention of
natural teeth, greater acceptance and practice of dental implants, and
the gradual automation and digitization of dental practices.
We like the positioning as a one-stop shop for all technology and
consumables needed to run any kind of dentistry-related practice, as
well as the greater extension into higher-margined technology
products and the greater presence overseas.

Best Buy Co. Inc.BBY

Quite simply, we think Best Buy has effectively addressed the strategic
gap that had been emerging between it and the online competition.
Moreover, other marketplace winds blowing its way include the demise
of brick-and-mortar competitors and the impending of the fully
integrated “smart” home as a complete electronically driven system
with smartphone-driven remote control and 5G and IoT networked
devices throughout. We like how Best Buy is evolving their offerings to
capitalize on the smart home evolution.

Archer Daniels Midland Co.ADM

ADM is one of the largest food processors in the world. It buys corn,
wheat, oilseeds, and other agricultural products and processes them
into food, food ingredients, animal feed and ingredients, and biofuels.
It also resells grains on the open market. More recently, it has gotten
into more refined food ingredients such as flavorings and “natural”
ingredients. Rather than the finished consumer products most food
processors are known for, ADM produces and distributes intermediate
components for food product manufacture and is by far the largest
publicly traded company in this business. “ADM Feeds Your Food
Business” is their traditional motto, and, owing to today’s trends in
health and nutrition, they have added another: “Where nutrition
innovation begins.”





With 94 percent of all accidents caused by human error, the expansion
of the smartphone and IoT devices into the vehicle, and the
environmental impact of automotive activity, it’s not hard to see a
bright future for innovative electronic automotive technology solutions.
Automobile manufacturers are eager to adopt these high-value-add
features, as drivers seek ubiquitous connectivity to the outside world.
Aptiv is one of the leading competitors in this field and has
customized and sold systems to a number of the major automakers,
with GM and Volkswagen leading the pack. Automakers prefer to
outsource this sort of technology; it’s simply more cost competitive to
buy versus starting from scratch with an in-house development project.
It also provides for the ability to gain from their competitor’s
experience, assuming they’re buying the same systems.
Aptiv’s current driver-assist products are doing well in the market
with sales to each of the top 25 automakers and a product presence in
86 percent of the top-selling vehicles in the US, the EU, and China