Author: Jed

Team eToro Pilipinas 2nd Year Anniversary!

To celebrate our 2nd Year Anniversary this September 27, 2020, we are going to do a small giveaway/thanksgiving, do a live Q&A, and drink while we do it! hahaha

For the Giveaway, it’s 50k Pesos worth of Prizes!

We will have a very simple live raffle!

1st – 20k
2nd – 13k
3rd 10k
4th to 10th – 1k

1. The participants should be on our LIVE stream.
2. The participants should have a funded account registered under our link.
3. The participants should be available and ON until the very end of the stream.

Prepare your booze and food! We will celebrate with you guys LIVE on stream while we talk about eToro, Trading, Investing, and the future of TEP!

***Note: details might change later.

#eToro #TEP #Trading #2ndYear

Make sure to add it to your calendar!

eToro Trading Challenge Week 3 Winners

Congrats to all our winners for Week 3!

The registration for the current Trading Challenge is already closed but we are working on the next series. So make sure that your eToro account is registered under our link if you want to join the challenge.

Our registration link is:

If you already have a funded account, please contact Jed in our Discord to process the request to move it under our link.

How to keep a low-risk score?

Keeping a low-risk score might prove challenging if you are into high-risk trading — meaning using leverage like x5 to x50 or using more than 50% of your portfolio size. However, it is important as it will measure how you manage your risk that will in turn tell you how are you performing in your trading journey.

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