Month: April 2020

What is Spoon-feeding?

The difficulty is the point. Without it, you will never learn how/where/when/who/what to do on your own without someone directing you.


  • Is the process of ‘telling’ students what they need to know.
  • Has been the dominant educational paradigm in schools since the invention of the assembly line and is still prevalent today.
  • This occurs in teacher-directed settings.
  • (Arguably) ONLY occurs in teacher-directed settings.
  • Results in students thinking very little about what or how they are learning.
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Twitter (TWTR)

The image grabbed via google.

Twitter will now test the resistance at the 50% Fibonacci level, if it can successfully break the barrier at 30 USD levels we can see the asset will go on its way to an average price of 30.19 USD.

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Corning Incorporated

They manufacture and sell specialty glasses, ceramics, and related materials worldwide.

Still monitoring how it develops over time after the pandemic triggered price decline and hitting a 17 USD apiece now slightly recovered and now trading 20 USD per share. If ever bulls will continue to dominate it might go out from the point of convergence and may test a new high. Still, support of 16 USD is the risk factor as to the technical perspective. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see in the coming days if indeed going strong or still play around the near support area. I’m looking for a test of strength if it can challenge the 22 USD levels soon.

Technical insights only. This is not a recommendation. Exercise due diligence your capital is at risk.

Is trading and investing in CFD risky?

Like other investments in financial markets, risks are always there. CFD uses leverage to maximize profitability in small capital. Leveraged trading is a somewhat double-edged sword, you will get higher returns if it was used correctly and it will also burn or wipe out your money if not used correctly. Before trading CFD’s proper education is a must.