0% Commission for Stocks!

May 19, 2020 FAQ, TeP Education, Trading

0% Commission for Stocks!

AT LONG LAST!, eToro is now offering 0% commission for stocks traded on US Stock Exchanges!

***Update: eToro is also launching a $50 USD Promotion this coming May 25! Click here to know more.

When trading in certain stocks (with zero leverage) you are buying the underlying assets. eToro, like all financial institutions, must sign its non-US users (that’s us Filipinos) on the W-8BEN IRS Form.

You don’t have to worry though, eToro made it easy for us to complete the W-8BEN form and comply with the policy. All you have to is SIGN it either digitally (electronically) or download and hand-sign the document then re-upload it (image below or send it to [email protected] and ask assistance in processing it).

You can sign it electronically using your fingers (phone or touch-enabled screens)
Or you can download the form W-8BEN and upload it through your Settings > Account page.

A small downside to it is you can’t open a non-leveraged position until it is approved.



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